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The Cookie Lovers List

Stay up to date on all things William Cookie Co, including upcoming bakes, cookies events, and more

Upcoming Cookie Events

City of Bloomington
Summer Fete | Farmers Market | Midweek Music and Market

Wed, July 3 5pm-10pm*
Wed, July 10 5pm-8pm**
Wed, July 31 5pm-8pm**

Sat, Aug 17 8am-1pm**
Wed, Aug 21 5pm-8pm**
Sat, Sept 7 8am-1pm**

*Normandale Lake, Bloomington, MN
**1800 West Old Shakopee Rd., Bloomington, MN (East Lot)

William – 10 years old – Head Baker and Entrepreneur

My Story

My name is William. I love cookies, and I like making people smile. William Cookie Company allows me to bring the joy of cookies and smiles to others.

My mom taught me how to bake cookies and how to decorate them. I’ve also had lots of practice icing and decorating sugar cookies with my grandparents. , Now, I can whip up a batch of cookies and cut them with my favorite cookie cutters. With so many different types of cookies to bake, I love baking frosted sugar cookies. I refer to those as my Spectacular Cookies. Yum to cookies! Double yum to icing!

When I am not baking cookies, I love running, playing soccer, lacrosse, flag football and making people laugh with my jokes.

If you have a special cookie order for a party or an event, contact me at to see how I can assist.